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Phone Scams en español

Phone Scams

The phone call on my cell yesterday was in Spanish. She asked how I was doing. I responded "estoy ocupada, que desea?" she said "hay... con esa actitud señora ni su esposo la quiere" and hung up. I would have responded had I been given the chance like this...sorry stupid, hubby has been around over 30 years and counting!

Of course I was pissed off. How dare she interrupt my day, on my cell phone and respond that way. I was actually pretty nice to her too. You should hear some of the ways that I have responded to telemarketers and other scammers pretending to be the IRS or established banks.

Anyway, here's the phone number in case it happens to you: 510.369.7415. Try calling back and the call fails, try checking the internet for this number and you are not alone in the number of people receiving calls from these idiots!