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Voters/Election Poll Workers

November 12, 2018

Last week, the day after I volunteered as an election poll worker again, I was ANGRY!  Why had anger consumed me for days after an election?  First off, the voters who seemed impatient, the voters who thought it was ok to electioneer less than 100 feet from the polling place and were told otherwise and the questions from voters who had received their information and failed to read it! Exhaustion to my body took its toll.


Voters:  please KNOW where


polling place is, please give yourself ample time to vote, please read the top of the ballot that says fill-in the bubble (there were checks, x's and other marks that machines would not recognize causing a slowdown), DO NOT WEAR ANYTHING INTO THE POLLING PLACE THAT NAMES A CAMPAIGN PERSON OR MEASURE, that's electioneering.   


Be responsible. Volunteer. Understand your rights as a voter. VOTE.

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