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Not my presidents!

November 30, 2018


Here's a few reasons why they are NOT MY PRESIDENTS; both in the US and the incoming Mexican who once crowned himself the president when he lost last time!  


Let's start with the US commander-in-chief.  It's hard to live in a country with a liar, a cheat and a threat to me and my family everyday with his rampant racism that has even affected my neighborhood! Politics need a major overhaul NOW and you had better believe it when I say that your VOTE, your letters, phone calls and e-mails to YOUR elected officials matter.  Do it now and do it often if you want change.   In Mexico, tomorrow will be the second time, the Mexican will take to the Zocalo and declare victory.  I was living in Mexico when his last party of choice shut down a major artery for months and diverted traffic right in front of my apartment causing more noise, more pollution and more crime due to the throngs of people using the streets to sleep, cook and play futbol.  Good luck Mexico, let's see how the next six years play out.


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