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SanSe '19

Increible! The free festival music was incredible on every stage, headliners all day. The people were having fun and they were dancing, laughing, high, drunk and the entire area of Old San Juan was a big party. Found some comfort food at one of the restaurants too, although we ate on the sidewalk of the narrow street, as it was take-out. Loved the mini 'pasteles de arroz' from Corozal, the middle of the island, that reminded me of my grandmother who made them often. She was from Ponce. I have never known the origins of this pastel and rarely find people who know of them or make them. Absolutely made my day, took me back to my childhood when my 'abuela' would make 'surullos, funche and pasteles de arroz' as she yelled for me to come eat,

'chancleta, ven pa'ca.'