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The kid said...Tu eres FEA!

February 9, 2019

How do you respond to a kid and his mother who are conversing loudly at the store, across aisles in Spanish, when suddenly this boy stops in front of you and says...tu eres FEA!  The devil himself was in front of me. I ignored the comment, went around him and proceeded to the check-out. Guess who followed. Thank god, I am a strong, human being or the reaction could have sent me into a deep depression.  Kids are honest, but this kid was GROSERO and I blame his mother!  That afternoon, I had a pre-scheduled pedicure appointment and so began my work on becoming beautiful again. Start at the bottom.


Today I will work on my long, beautiful hair, the top of my body.  LEVANTATE MIJA! Pa'lante...

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